Ainger Place Development Corporation

Ainger Place Development Corporation, Inc.

Our vision


APDC in partnership with the community seeks to lead a transforming movement which will change the physical appearance and mental outlook of its community, through resources necessary for a better quality of life. 




APDC’s mission is to impact the community by maintaining community pride and preservation through affordable housing, marketable skills training and educational opportunities.


Organizational background

In 1998, Emmanuel Baptist Church founded Ainger Place Development Corporation (APDC) as an arm that supports the ministry of the church. The primary duties of APDC had been to manage the church’s twenty-four (24) unit multi-family residence as well as two additional parcels of land, that are located in the surrounding community. APDC has received site control over these three (3) properties. In 2018  APDC demolished the twenty-four (24) unit multi-family housing  and is now in the process of completing 72 units of low-income housing.  APDC seeks to expand its role in the area of housing and through a variety of community service initiatives that would enhance the lives of the residents and support other projects in Ward 7 and 8. 

Enterprise Community Partners, in Washington, DC through its’ Faith Based Initiative, has provided APDC with financial and technical assistance. A portion of this assistance was used to generate two (2) documents, which laid a foundation for APDC’s Strategic Planning Dialogue. First, was an Enterprise Market Study that provided a detailed look at the current and projected demographics for development opportunities. Second, was a ten (10) thousand dollar pre-development grant for the purpose of analyzing the development potential of the four (4) properties. Other documents were reviewed as part of the Environmental Scan and provided background, for Board and staff on APDC’s three (3) year strategic plan. 

APDC, having gain an in-depth insight and understanding of the critical (social service) needs of our local residents/communities and having obtained a clear understanding and solid perspective of the best-use property development options available to APDC and its founder, APDC subsequently entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with “Michaels Development Corporation”, the number one developer of Affordable Housing in the United States. 

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APDC has partnered with a community service provider that has a proven “case management” track record for the specific purpose of ensuring that the residents of our new facility and especially those living in our Permanent Supportive Housing units receive the type of family services support that will create a foundation on long-term support that includes the provision of education services in such areas as job and career training, family and social skills development, and personal finance management.